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Can the hotpot table be renovate?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-01-21

        In the traditional craftsmanship, furniture renovation is already very common and the price is close to the people. So is the hotpot table renovation or the new purchase of the hotpot table more cost-effective? It may be more cost-effective for some people to purchase the new hotpot table, because the new product is the latest model of the year, the color and style are designed by the designer through the latest concept, the most demanding to buy a new hot pot table is A yearning for newest style, if you want to renovate the old hot pot table, then their idea is nothing more than a nostalgia for not wanting to waste and old things.

        So the purchase of the new hotpot table is a very simple matter. It is not difficult to redeploy the new hotpot table by the production of the hotpot table manufacturer, but if you want to renovate the hotpot table, this is not a A simple matter, the project of renovating the hotpot table is generally the renovation of the hot pot table top, the table base, the table legs, etc. The desktop is generally cured by re-polishing and PU sealing, and the traces of the desktop scraping are wiped off and PU, and then Re-structural reinforcement of the frame of the table, including painting, reinforcement of the joint location, etc.

         Generally, the hot pot table structure is reinforced with copper nails to avoid the phenomenon of shaking. The old hotpot table may be used, and the wood surface may be lacquered or cracked. Craftsmen will repaint the part or even the whole frame. After the paint is finished, it will basically have the same effect as the new one.You can also re-customize the color according to your needs. Just choose the color you like.

         Therefore, a hot pot table can be renovate, and the price of the newly purchased hotpot table is very considerable and cheap, and it is a perfect interpretation of the old atmosphere.

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