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What's the conveyor belt hotpot?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-01-23

       Since the birth of the hot pot table, various hot pot dishes have been used to get a blowout type of outbreak. Different ways of eating hotpot will naturally produce a variety of hotpot equipment to the market, and then the customer will test the practicality. And the design of the hot pot equipment, the appearance as: smokeless hot pot, steam hot pot, roast and steam hot pot and other fancy hot pot dining, then what is the conveyor belt hotpot we introduced today?


       The conveyor belt hotpot is a product developed in the buffet. At first, the customer would like to eat a hotpot that can have a buffet. Only the hotpot buffet has not finished eating the same thing and has to re-design the position to take the material. Their dissatisfaction, often walking around is quite troublesome.


        After referring to the sushi buffet self-service equipment of the Japanese buffet, the designers of the hotpot furniture immediately started the production call of the conveyor belt hotpot equipment in the hotpot industry. The conveyor belt hotpot table can be automatically transfer dish to the customer's table, and the customer can choose according to personal preference. The self-propelled rotary hotpot is produced by pure 304 stainless steel, which is clean and hygienic. The conveyor belt hotpot is connected by a layer of steel sheets of scales to achieve the function of the conveyor belt, and the time for the food to be transported on the conveyor belt is short, extremely limited. The freshness of the ingredients is guaranteed.

  conveyor belt hotpot

       The effect and characteristics of the restaurant of the conveyor belt hotpot are more fashionable and more attractive to the customers than the traditional hotpot restaurant. This type of hotpot largely solves the cost pressure of the traditional hot pot catering staff, greatly saving the operating expenses of the store. However, the disadvantage is that because the installation of the equipment is more complicated, it takes more time to design and install the shop.

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