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How to load furniture without damage?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-01-24

       Whenever we purchase a new batch of furniture, we all have a happy mood. We look forward to the delivery of the goods to the destination as soon as possible. The goods when the packaging is opened are intact, but is this really the case? Most furniture shipments always have some damage, most of which are heavy and fragile products, such as marble, glass, etc., because this type of cargo has the highest strength but the largest The shortcomings are brittle, so products such as marble are easily damaged by long-distance bumps.


        Some people doubt that when I load a car, it is obviously tightly packed and fixed with a belt, but what depressing is that it will be damaged after reaching the destination. What is the cause? The answer is that the way you put it when you load it is not right. Products such as marble and glass need to be erected to be well protected, because the erected marble can be different from the horizontally received stress and cross-cutting force, and the marble table can stand up and down when it receives bumps. The shear force received by the whole piece of marble spreads the parts evenly and protects the whole. On the contrary, if it is placed horizontally, the next bump of the train, the various parts of the horizontally placed goods are pulled and burst by different degrees of force.


        Therefore, when loading the car, the marble, glass tabletop and other goods should be placed close to the center of the car body or the car, and reinforced with the rope, but there is a certain probability of damage in time. In this case, the customer receives the logistics. After the goods are delivered, they should be inspected in time for boring. Check whether the goods are damaged or not, especially if they are damaged. If there is any damaged product, they should report it to the logistics company and make claims.


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