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What kind of furniture does the hotpot restaurant need?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-01-26

       For a newly opened restaurant, the most troublesome thing is the decoration of the shop and the arrangement of the furniture interior. This is a very important measurement of whether the business of the store could booming. The decoration and matching furniture are enough. The exquisiteness is a good way to retain customers. When customers enter the store, they will have a profound impression and a good impression on the restaurant. Therefore, the decoration and furniture configuration of the restaurant must not be sloppy. The decoration can hire designers to follow up the design and arrangement, but the furniture configuration often requires the boss to personally purchase or customize the purchase.


              So what kind of furniture and hot pot equipment do you usually need for hotpot restaurants? Under normal circumstances, the hot pot restaurant should have at least: hotpot table, hotpot cooker, hotpot cooker-ware or the pot, dishes and chopsticks, dish racks and table cloth, etc. This is the only product that can be said to be indispensable. What style decoration design and purchase table, there are solid wood hot pot table, stainless steel hot pot table hardware hotpot table on three categories, Chinese style hotpot restaurant will generally use solid wood hot pot table and European decoration should use marble stainless steel hot pot table as the main shop furniture, different The decoration uses different main furniture as the core decorative furniture of the store.


        As for the hot-pot pot, the power of the hot pot cooker is determined according to the size of the opening hole of the hotpot table, so that the pot is purchased according to the electric power, and some anti-scalding pots can be purchased as an auxiliary product, and the minute details can significantly improve the customer's satisfaction. Degree can also remind the restaurant's style positioning. When purchasing the hotpot table, you can purchase the dish rack at the same time. Because the pot is placed on the hotpot table, the position for placing the dishes is less, and all the food racks are also essential. The producer of hot pot tables also has the ability to produce vegetable racks. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to purchase Wanyene Furniture as the main procurement object. As a manufacturer of hotpot tables, it has been producing hotpot furniture for more than ten years. The style design is so small that it can stand at the top of the hot pot table industry for a long time.

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