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Why are industrial style furniture so popular in recent years?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-01-28

I remember that a few years ago, the restaurant furniture generally used a classical Chinese furniture, European furniture and other furniture styles. These two types of furniture style have been leading the furniture industry for many years, most of them are solid wood type furniture. For example, solid wood hot pot tables, solid wood dining chairs, etc. are styles, European furniture is decorated with gorgeous decoration and then leather furniture made of leather material. These two styles of furniture have always been the protagonist of the main hot pot restaurant.


        However, this year, a restaurant-style furniture has sprung up and immediately occupied most of the dining design style. A large part of the traditional classic style gradually turned to this industrial style of the restaurant atmosphere. The biggest feature of the industrial theme style is the public. Different, just now the 90's group of new-born consumers, a group of consumers is a group that is extremely most individualized and most personalized.

 主题Theme wrought iron dining chair

       So, what is industrial style furniture? Here are the features that we describe them:


(1)      Most theme style furniture is customization, including the color of the pattern, which can greatly satisfy the designer.

(2)      The biggest feature of this kind of furniture is that most of the materials used are wrought iron. The conventional materials are made of old style such as iron pipe and iron plate.

(3)      The color is generally darker and biased towards the dark design style, such as bronze.

(4)      Desktop pattern, table and chair backrest, sofa pattern, etc. can be customized for printing. The material can be made of fabric or leather.

(5)      One of the biggest features of industrial style furniture is rough, heavy and artistic.


An important reason why industrial wind can quickly occupy the market is that the materials are not very particular because they are all iron pipes, which can be used for a long time as long as they are painted, and the iron-tube welded furniture is extremely strong. Pressure-bearing, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant, the biggest drawback is heavy, but on the contrary, some people like it heavy, so there is no reason to not have a fire in the theme furniture with many advantages. The theme of the “Wanyene Furniture” is factory direct outlet, fair price and novel style. You can call us.

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