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Induction cooker anti-scalding pot is not good?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-01-30

       Induction cooker anti-scalding pot is an extension of hot pot culture. What is the anti-scalding pot? What is the role and benefit? Anti-scalding pot, as its name implies, is anti-scalding, an extra accessory that is often used on the cooker hot pot table. Because this is to add a heat-resistant layer of plastic shell on the pot of the induction cooker to prevent accidental bumping of the pot body, which is also known as anti-scalding. Generally, the restaurant used it for this anti-scalding pot on non-sinking style induction cooker hot pot table. The induction cooker and the table top are at a uniform level, thus causing the induction cooker built on the table. The pot is indeed higher on the table, it's Convenience and comfort, but because the pot body after heating work is very high temperature, it is very prone to safety accidents such as burns and catharsis.

 anti-scalding pot

        Therefore, a safe, hygienic and cheap anti-scalding pot is produced. This type of anti-scalding shell can withstand high temperatures of 500 degrees without deformation and odor, and has excellent heat resistance and toughness. Generally, the color pattern of the anti-scalding pot can be customized, and the pattern can be printed on the name of the store of the store to greatly enhance the image taste of the store. Anti-scalding pots have thousands of variations in height and size, so this type of product should be purchased when customizing hotpot tables, which can save valuable time.

 stainless steel anti-scalding pot

       Of course, the anti-scalding pot has a plastic material and a metal material. The metal material is generally used in high-end star-rated hotpot restaurant, because the metal anti-hot pot is relatively expensive, and printing and carving are more troublesome than plastic. It is a troublesome thing, so it is a high-end anti-hot pot that is insulated by air.

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