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Can the hot pot table be repaired?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-02-04

        The hot pot table belongs to one of the more high-end and expensive dining furniture. Because it may lack daily maintenance, it is easy to cause damage to the hot pot table. Long-term maintenance of the Heli will cause irreparable damage, such expensive dining furniture. It’s a shame to waste, what do we do in the face of such a situation? Can the broken hot pot table be repaired?

        This kind of problem is a very common problem for many restaurant owners, so whether the broken hot pot table can be repaired? The answer should be base on how serious of the broken. If the structural damage of the table is not repaired, for example, the desktop of the marble hot pot table is completely broken, and the situation of the hot pot table is broken, etc., and the repair cannot be carried out.


       It can be repaired in some connection positions, and the general connection position is easy to handle, as long as the conventional steps such as patch reinforcement are performed. If the situation of desktop cracking and so on requires a certain amount of experience and technology to deal with, marble if it is slightly cracked, you can use some gypsum powder, glass glue, etc. for landfill reinforcement, to some extent, can reduce the possibility of continued cracking, as long as the base is stable How big is the problem; if the solid wood table is cracked, fill it with gypsum powder, and then cover it with appropriate paint.


In general, hot pot table maintenance is also a relatively kind of work, which is generally rare, because it is more difficult to break under normal circumstances. When the probability of damage is large, it occurs when handling or installing, so care should be taken to handle the installation.

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