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The process of custom hotpot table

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-02-05

       In many hot pot shops, when purchasing furniture in the early stage, it is necessary to purchase a batch of new hot pot table furniture. Even if the hot pot table is very different in style, the materials are all different, but it is not necessarily suitable for use in their own shops, because the conventional hot pot table Sizes, etc. are not suitable for local food culture, so many stores will choose to customize the hot pot table. Furniture customization is a kind of non-standard product that is duplicated and time-consuming. The biggest advantage of custom hot pot table is that it can be customized according to your own preferences. , set to include the style, style, material and other components.


        The production process of the custom hot pot table is probably the following:

(1)      Customized buyers and hot pot table manufacturers to carry out samples to negotiate.

(2)      The custom buyer pays for the furniture proofing deposit.

(3)      After receiving the sample deposit, the manufacturer will carry out a small amount of production for the prototype.

(4)      Customize the buyer to confirm the sample after the sample is completed.

(5)      样After the sample is qualified, the buyer delivers the deposit for mass production of large quantities.

(6)      After the production is on schedule, the manufacturer will deliver the goods according to the shipping address provided by the buyer.

(7)      After the arrival of the freight logistics, the buyer needs to confirm the inspection of the goods, and if there is any damage to the goods, if the damage occurs, the logistics company needs to negotiate compensation.

(8)      The buyer delivers the final payment.


The hot pot table is a more laborious thing to do. Buyers and manufacturers need to follow up the order to match the production.

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