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Is the hot pot table good for solid wood or stainless steel?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-02-08

       The pot tables are becoming more and more popular in people's field of vision. Basically, general hotpot restaurant can be matched. Modern hot pot tables are excellent in terms of practicality and quality. There are many, but the sudden rise of the hot pot table manufacturers has made the quality of the hot pot table uneven, and the various materials are not properly used.


       What are the advantages of using hot wood as a raw material for hot pot tables:


(1)      The biggest advantage of the solid wood hotpot table is the variety of styles.

(2)      The pattern can be artistically carved.

(3)      Solid wood can retain a natural atmosphere, giving a warm feeling.

(4)      There are a variety of woods could be choose, and the price is also relatively different.

(5)      In the case of good maintenance, it can be stored for a relatively long time.


Disadvantages of using hot wood as a raw material for hotpot tables:

(1)      Wood are easy to deform.

(2)      Do not allow direct sunlight.

(3)      If the temperature changes too much, deformation and cracking may occur.

(4)      Natural wood may have cracks, crusting, insect eyes, mold and so on.


The advantage of using stainless steel on the hotpot table:

(1)      Chemical resistance.

(2)      High temperature resistance and low temperature resistance.

(3)      It has high strength and hardness.

(4)      Effective prevention of rust and super durable life.


Disadvantages of using stainless steel on hot pot tables

(1)      The price is relatively high.

(2)      Less style could be choose and high cost of carving.

(3)      Corrosion resistant to alkaline media.


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