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Is the desktop of the hotpot table really marble?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-02-28

        For this question, is the desktop of the marble hot pot table really a table cut with natural marble as a raw material? Many customers have questions about this issue? Is this hot pot table really marble? Under normal circumstances, manufacturers and merchants will tell customers whether this is artificial marble or natural marble. If it is natural marble, the price of hot pot table will be very expensive, not the price level of artificial marble.


        The common hot pot dining table is made of artificial marble as the desktop by default. The artificial marble has many advantages to replace the natural marble, and more importantly, the artificial marble hot pot table has many advantages:

1.      It is possible to produce a better looking marble tabletop from a lower price.

2.      The style can achieve unexpected results, and the artificial marble tabletop can obtain various beautiful patterns and other patterns through the veneer process.

3.      The surface of the artificial marble dining table is sealed so that it does not allow oil or other stain to penetrate into the stone.

4.      The strength of artificial marble is processed by components such as asbestos net, the strength can be Nimei natural marble, and the artificial marble is not completely broken after rupture, but the asbestos net pulls will not create a broken horse to cause safety. Hidden accidents.

So what is artificial marble?

Artificial marble is actually a kind of natural stone with cheaper price. Sometimes used quartz stone, sometimes other stones such as Guangxi White stone. This kind of material stone is cheaper, and when it is made into a table, it is usually poor looking, it is dark gray, so it is necessary to use the veneer process to change the normal products into the finished elegant product. This is what we call artificial marble. In fact, the base material is still stone. It is only treated by the veneer process to make the stone of the ordinary appearance look good.

The natural marble with clear and beautiful stone texture is quite expensive and has few raw materials, is difficult to process, is easy to be crack, has a long production cycle, and in normal use, the oil or stain will gradually penetrate into the stone and will be incapable of being cleared after a long period of time. Smudges seriously affect the image of the store, and the style is single. If you want to determine the natural marble to be used, you must explain it when purchasing the hot pot table.


The marble of Wanyene Furniture hotpot table is delivered after passing a number of strict quality control systems, and the sales staff will explain the marble material, indicating what material it is composed of.

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