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Is the marble hot pot table round or square?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-03-14

The common hot pot table is one of the main selling points of the conventional round hot pot table, because the round table looks like have a feeling of thick and stable, it make the dining environment better, and the round hot pot table also easy to produced, or Convenient. Mainly customers choose products that are round shape, because the round can reserve more positions, for more people to use, and save a lot of valuable space, but square or rectangular table, relative In terms of the number of people who can sit in certain space, you can placed in the side position take advantage of the space available in the restaurant and increase the benefits.

Generally, we will design furniture for your shop drawings. We will use the various locations of your restaurant to design in depth, and strive to not waste every position of the space. This is one of our core competitiveness. Round hot pot table is also more convenient to produce, because the circular template is more convenient to make and the marble of the table top can be better protected according to the mechanical principle, because the round marble can be well dispersed to the periphery so as not to cause cracks and the like.

However, in general, if the diameter of the round marble exceeds 1.2 meter, the pattern veneer gap of the marble table could be seen, because the veneer sheep on the marble surface is currently the smaller then the stone, or it is small than 1.2 nether. There will be seen a gap on the top, but we will try to reconcile the pattern as much as possible.

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