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Is the hotpot induction cooker heating fast enough?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-03-15


       Nowadays, many hot pot restaurant use professional commercial induction cookers. The characterized of this type commercial induction cooker is high power and can be operated for a long time and won't be damage, because it uses more durable precision components and because the production and operation technology of the induction cooker itself is not very complicated, but many manufacturers simplify and reduce the components cost such as circuit boards and capacitors in order to save costs, resulting in easy short circuit or various faults and increase the failure rate.


       A normal commercial induction cooker is the pursuit of stable operation, which makes the company have a good reputation and a good market environment. Some customers are also pursuing the requirements of high-power heating, etc., but blindly pursuing the high power of the induction cooker can really reach the heating block? The answer is uncertain. There are two factors that can heat up quickly: the first is the power of the induction cooker itself; the second is the goodness of the pot.


       If the quality of the induction cooker pot used is not so good, the thickness is reach to standard or the metal magazine of the pot is more likely to cause poor heating.

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