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What is the most impotent thing before the hot pot table opened?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-03-20

       When you have completed the procurement plan for the hot pot table, you should prepare for the opening beforehand. The work before the opening of the hot pot restaurant is undoubtedly the installation and deployment of the hot pot table. The last part of the link is also a very important and arduous task. Because this will involve a variety of interests, first of all, the restaurant's business is relative with the second restaurant and the next, or else it relative to the hot pot table provider's interests, so the restaurant and furniture providers work together to achieve a win-win situation.

       When the hot pot table freight logistics is ready to arrive at the restaurant, the restaurant should need to prepare for the temporary porter immediately, because the hot pot table is some very heavy furniture products, it is unrealistic to carry by one or two people in the district, if there is a big table At least 4-5 people need to participate in the handling together. Otherwise, if the weight of one person is not enough, the heavy items such as the hot pot table or the hot pot table marble will be broken, it not enough time to reproduce before your restaurant open, it relative with your profit if one or two table unable to use. and the heavy marble maybe cause the person to be injured. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the handling capacity. At the same time, when unloading, you should check whether the goods are damaged, such as cracking of wood, cracking of the stone surface of the marble hot pot table, etc., then it is necessary to promptly go to the logistics company. The corresponding payment procedures.


        When the goods have been successfully unload from the truck, it has already entered the installation of the hot pot table. The general hot pot table is assembled in two parts and it is very simple. First, find the table legs of the hot pot table, place well, and then find the desktop that matches the size of the table legs. After matching, you can directly place the marble top on the table legs. If there is no installation, you can call Wanyene Furniture for after-sales installation instructions.

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