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What are the custom details of the hot pot table?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-03-21

    The hot pot table customization is a kind of mental work with the design aesthetic as the core. The various styles are customized and the size of the store is placed and the decoration environment of the shop is required to meet the requirements of the public. This kind of design is a kind of designer who requires many years of furniture design experience to have a certain understanding of the hot pot table design customization. Although ordinary designers can draw on the drawings, they often have detailed technical knowledge of the hot pot table. To a certain extent, the number of people who can sit on the furniture industry knowledge.


                 The technical requirements for hot pot table customization must be considered in detail:

(1)      The pattern and decoration color style of the hot pot table are reflected.

(2)      Hot pot table material

(3)      The size of the hot pot table and the location in the store。

(4)      Design the shape of the table to make optimal use of the spatial position。


Customized hotpot table customization In terms of professional technical advantages, the “Wanyene Furniture” in Guangdong is a typical example, which has all the technical details.

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