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How to customize make your hotel dining chairs

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-03-23

     For many customers today, many hotel chairs on the market are not their favorite. They are not satisfied with their style, color, price, etc. It is difficult to find a chair in their own mind, even if you walk through many furniture stores, you always could not find the style. walking around are not making sense, or there are not many styles displayed in the model room, hardware chairs and solid wood chairs, in this case, what would you do to find your favorite products?

        So, there are maybe two more methods:

The first one is to find a furniture supplier who to help purchase, because the distributors are rich in information about the manufacturers. They have a large number of manufacturers in their hands. They have plenty channel resources, but they are charging expensive than the general cost, because the vendors help you. Finding a source of goods requires earning a portion of the difference.


The other one method is to go to the chair manufacturer to customize the chair. This method is a more cost-effective way, so as not giving the vendor a malicious extra costing. Then what steps do you need to go to the manufacturer to customize the chair?The first step is to find a chair manufacturer. This type of recommendation "Wanyene Furniture" is a large manufacturer of chair faucets in Guangdong. After contacting the manufacturer, tell the sales staff how many sheets to order, then select the chair material and style, and select the style. Then choose fabrics, Wanyene furniture, they have a lot of leather choices on hand, leather sample, color, etc., thousands of kinds, the type is very rich, you can also go to the factory to talk about your selection, when the style is confirmed, The manufacturer will produce a small amount of sample product if required. When you determine the style and quality of the model chair, the manufacturer will carry out mass production.


Therefore, some custom-made chairs are not too complicated, chairs are relatively easy to handle because manufacturer have experienced sales staff to follow up.


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