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Does the order of furniture have quality problems?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-03-30

       Many customers want to pick some cheap tables when they order hot pot tables. So are those products really as good as you thought? Now some manufacturers are promoting with cheap and good quality slogans, but have you considered their authenticity? Are the products they say in their mouths really consistent with their propaganda? This requires a certain amount of experience and technology to distinguish its authenticity. Let's talk about quality issues:


(1)      Many manufacturers' products look good, but the quality of materials is inaccurate.

As the saying goes, "Golden jade is outside, it is ruined." This sentence is now a common problem among a lots of furniture manufacturers. Why do we say that? Because it has always been the pursuit of profit maximization, it is necessary to save every coin, but it has sacrifices the quality that the product should have. For example: a sofa, you said that his style is good-looking, novel, and trendy, which is very suitable for use in our home or restaurant. However, the appearance of the good looks can not represent its good quality. Some bad manufacturers cut cost on the internal structure of the sofa when they produce the sofa. They would use the sponge of the sofa to select the materials with ulterior motives. The sponge occupies the a lots of cost in a sofa. A big percentage is that they think about how to cut that cost. If you think you could 200$ to buy a 2000$ sofa, you are wrong, they you promise you a low selling price, but on other hand, they will choose low-priced sponges such as cheap sponges and regenerated sponges. Those sofa when they used for a year or two, the sofa will lose their elasticity, causing the sofa sinking and affect the service life. Some More tough manufacturers will use junk materials to filling, such as garbage clothes and garbage fiber, and that may release toxic gases.

 garbage fiber

(2)      Furniture manufacturers sometimes also work in order to catch up with the construction period.


When some manufacturers in order to get the order without any choice and considering to receive all of the requirement, they will still make the order when the production time is not enough. When they find that the production time is running over, they may began to cutting. The process mush be going might be cut out, although the quality of the materials used meets the requirements, but in order to hurry, they may have to give up some process. For example: wrought iron products, hardware tables, hardware chairs and other products, because the use of iron pipe and other materials for production, but these materials will have some rust on the surface, the normal process of their production to reduce those rust is necessary. Normally iron pipe materials are need rust-treated, like painting; but they might regardless of the quality of the rust. In this case, the effect of rough spraying will not the big problem in the short term. But in long run, such pieces of furniture, the paint loses its adhesion after a period of time, and over time, there will be problems such as cracks and even paint detachment, which will affect the appearance of the product to some extent. The appearance is second. If the paint is not connected to the soldering, the structural damage may occur due to the long-term disrepair, which may cause personal injury


              (3) Some furniture manufacturers will try to use lower cost to produce if their client have no special requirements.


                     When some customers are not too familiar with the product customization process, some manufacturers will avoid the expensive materials, and do not explain to the customer a word during the bargain time. For example, the hot pot table, In the case of materials, they did not consider whether they were made of solid wood or artificial boards. Therefore, some manufacturers will choose MDF as the raw material, but never said a wood or just tell customer they use all solid wood. Such materials have advantages over the cost of solid wood, so they will choose this cheaper material, but its structural stability is not the same.


              Therefore, buying furniture should go with some well-known friends to purchase, in order to make some good help and suggestions for product customization, or you can go to Wanyan furniture manufacturers to customize, Wanyan is specialized in producing hot pot tables and chairs, restaurant furniture, hotel furniture Such manufacturers, the material is absolutely good.

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