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Structure of Hot pot table

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-04-10

The hot pot table is a kind of dining table for a series of functions such as hot pot, barbecue, roasting pot, steam hot pot, etc. It is such a practical and suitable table that meets the needs of the public that it can quickly occupy a certain market share in the restaurant furniture market. Its versatile dining furniture, seemingly quite complicated table is not the case, the hot pot table is generally assembled from several parts:

(1) The composition of the hot pot table:

Plate/Hardware-> Table Legs -> Solid Wood/Hardware Frame->Marble Tabletop/Solid Wood Tabletop/Plate Table Top->Hotpot Ring->Induction Cooker


(2) The composition of the induction cooker hot pot table:


Pattern paper (can be customized) -> artificial marble -> hot pot table hole (can be customized for one person or one hole or one table and one hole) -> placing hot pot cooker -> desktop surface sealing with PU finish treatment -> solid wood frame (or) hardware frame base -> table foot (can be customized)


3)The composition of the steam hot pot table::


Pattern paper (can be customized)-> artificial marble-> hot pot table hole (can be customized for one person or one hole or one table and one hole) ->place in steam hot pot cooker -> desktop surface sealing with PU finish treatment-> solid wood frame (or) hardware frame base-> table foot (can be customized)


       Therefore, the hot pot table furniture is generally relatively simple but relatively heavy, the general furniture is to look at the style and quality, the structure is generally the same.

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