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What are the common materials for hot pot tables?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-07-24
When talking about hotpot tables, everyone should be familiar with them. As long as you walk into any hot pot restaurant, you can see all kinds of hot pot tables. Of course, hotpot restaurants with different decoration styles need different hot pot tables to decorate. This should be clear to everyone. Although hot pot tables are generally common in hot pot restaurants or catering industry, with the continuous improvement of people's living conditions and living standards, some people have set up corresponding hot pot tables at home, so that if you want to have a hot pot feast during the holiday, you can It comes in handy.

solid wood marble-top hotpot table

The hotpot table is the standard of the hotpot restaurant. I believe this should be an indisputable fact. Every day, all kinds of hot pot restaurants have to entertain friends from all corners of the country, especially in the winter of winter, hot pot is almost a must for every meal. Whether at home or in the restaurant, the hot pot became a must-have on the table, and the hot pot table became a must-have furniture. The prevalence of hot pots has also led to the emergence of brands, materials, styles and models of hot pot tables. Today, we will mainly come together to understand the common materials of the hot pot table, so that the broad and small partners have a preliminary understanding and understanding.

According to writer, the common hot pot table materials are as follows. One is the solid wood hot pot table. As the name suggests, the solid wood is made into a hotpot table. It is higher in price and post processing than other materials, and the style is full of fashion sense. The utility model has the long service life; the second is the solid wood glass hot pot table, that is, the hot pot table in which the glass is embedded in the solid wood, the table has a smooth and easy-clean surface and a customization texture pattern; the third is a solid wood marble-top hot pot table, the marble is used as a table top, and the solid wood is used as a table. The fourth is a stainless steel hotpot table. This hot pot table is simple and casual. It is often used as a gas hot pot table or a liquefied gas hot pot table. The fifth is a stainless steel marble-top hot pot table, with stainless steel as the table frame and marble as the table top. Often in Korean style and European style; sixth is stainless steel glass-top hot pot table and stainless steel solid wood hot pot table, the two are mainly different materials of the desktop.

The above is a simple and clear explanation and introduction of the common materials of the hot pot table. I hope that when consumers buy hot pot tables from Wanyene Furniture, they will choose according to the decoration style of the hot pot restaurant or the style of the home, so you can buy Go to a cheap and hot pot table.

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