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How to carry out daily cleaning of the solid wood hot pot table?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-08-02

For everyone, as long as it is not a one-time product, we all want to use it for a longer period of time and longer service life, such as the electronic products we often use, like TV, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc., or the furniture we have buy. Such as wardrobes, desks, dining tables, dining chairs, coffee tables, hot pot tables, etc., or daily necessities we buy, such as laundry detergent, shower gel, shampoo, facial cleanser, etc.; all of these, as long as reasonable use, correctly use Daily care and maintenance can make these items and objects last longer.

As a common hotpot restaurant or a common facility in the home life, the solid wood hotpot table also requires us to clean, maintain and maintain it every day or occasionally, so that it can play its role and use better and longer. We know that the people who come to the hot pot restaurant are in batches. After the guests have finished eating, the clerk will perform a simple cleaning on the hotpot table. This can be said to be some of the most common and basic cleaning processes. In fact, in addition to these basic cleaning actions, we also need to clean the hotpot table daily to ensure that the hotpot table will last longer. Today, we will come together to understand how to carry out daily cleaning of the solid wood hot pot table, hoping to let more people know and understand.

how to clean hotpot table

According to us, the main methods and related precautions for daily cleaning of solid wood hotpot tables are as follows. One can use clean gauze when wiping the wood hotpot table. It is best not to use fine cloth, don't use old clothes, Wires, buttons, etc., because these are not likely to scratch or scratch the surface of the solid wood hot pot table; second, when grease, seasonings, drinks, etc. are sprinkled on the table of solid wood hot pot, it should be cleaned up in time to avoid intrusion into the hot pot table, so that The hotpot table is swollen and deformed. The third is to wax the solid wood hotpot table every six months or one year at least, so as to protect it. The fourth is to apply concentrated concentrated neutral detergent to warm water. Wipe with clean water and wipe off the remaining water stains with a dry cloth.

Whether it is the hotpot table used by the home or the hotpot table used in the hotpot restaurant, as long as you master the cleaning methods and related precautions of the hot pot table mentioned above, the hot pot table can be well cleaned. Daily cleaning will also reduce the burden and pressure of later maintenance and maintenance.

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