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What are the problems to be aware of when using the glass tabletop hot pot table?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-08-08
No matter what kind of product is very beautiful. Because beauty is a highlight of vision. The more beautiful things, the more pleasant the people will be. There are many types of design methods like modern hot pot tables, and the most popular one is the glass tabletop hot pot table. This tabletop hot pot table is more beautiful and looks more upscale, so it is more popular in the market. However, there are many problems when using a desktop like this. If there is a problem if there is no attention, what problems should be paid attention to in the glass desktop hot pot table?
hotpot tableFirst of all, be sure to use a gasket when using it. Since the heat resistance of the glass is not very high, there are many effects when it is used as a hot pot table, especially when there is a high temperature, some problems may occur, and the heat resistance is not very high, so the glass burst is prone to occur. . Once this happens, it will naturally affect safety. Therefore, when using this kind of tabletop, it is necessary to use the gasket, and it should be replaced frequently. It is necessary to use the insulating gasket to better protect the glass table.

Second, the issue of hot pot placement. Modern hot pot tables are all embedded, and this type of hot pot table needs to pay attention to the temperature problem when paired with glass. Therefore, when placing the hot pot, be sure to use the gasket around, so that the gasket can absorb the heat, so as to ensure that the glass tabletop will not have high temperature damage, and naturally there will be no self-explosion. Of course, desktops like this are sure to incorporate more content when designing, so that they can help the actual use.

At the same time, the use of glass tabletop hot pot tables must also pay attention to hygiene. Although glass is still very simple in terms of hygiene, it must be cautious in specific hygiene practices. It is necessary to choose a full-type fabric to wipe the glass tabletop. Such a fabric will not damage the surface of the hot pot table. At the same time, it will not cause health problems. Of course, in the long-term use, we must also pay attention to not being hit by heavy objects. If there are obvious cracks on the surface, it must be replaced in time. The glass table top like this is most prone to self-explosion, because the desktop has been affected. Of course, it is also a big problem in terms of aesthetics, so be sure to pay attention when using it.

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