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Maintenance and repair of various hot pot tables.

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-08-10
Because the hot pot is delicious and convenient, especially for the northerners who love to eat mutton, then all kinds of hot pot restaurants have embarked on the industrialization process and have a series of chain services. For this kind of hot pot restaurant that wants to create a brand, it is an effective way to improve the brand effect by controlling the decoration and utensils suitable for its own market positioning. For a restaurant with a hot pot as its main business, it is an important task to choose a suitable hot pot table and  maintenance your hotpot table.
solid wood hotpot table
The hotpot table is divided into wooden desktop including solid wood and plate type, and stone surface is generally made of artificial quartz stone, with few natural stone materials, glass desktop , mixed desktop , and others. Although there are so many points, they may not be suitable. For the economically powerful restaurant of course, we must choose high-end desktop, such as the famous hot pot brand restaurant in Haidilao, small tail sheep, little sheep and so on. These Restaurant are custom-made for in-store items, especially hotpot tables.

marble top hotpot table

Although the hotpot table for wooden desktop is now claimed to be solid wood, due to the high cost of the solid wood and the high cost of maintenance, it is generally made of plywood with wood veneer. This hotpot table is made with precision workmanship. Surface and edge treatment is also in place, not worse than solid wood, the price is still cheap, is the first choice for many high-end hot pot restaurants. There are certain requirements for maintenance and repair, because there are carved parts and hollow parts in the process of production, and it is easy to accumulate dust. For the cleaning of the wooden hot pot tabletop, you can wipe it with a soft cotton cloth. Do not use the towel because the ring structure of the towel will be hung by the carved, corner and wood grain to make the table top. It can't be wiped with a damp cloth, which will leave scratches on the shiny surface and affect the appearance.

hotpot restaurant, Wanyene hotpot project case

For stone desktop or glass desktop, be sure not to stack or drag the items on top, which will cause the desktop to be scratched. It feels dirty and makes people feel uncomfortable and affects the meal. You can't use a steel ball or a rag with sand to wipe the table, which will damage the table surface. Therefore, the more popular hot pot restaurants are now equipped with protective gaskets, mainly to protect the desktop, and such gaskets should be replaced in time to ensure hygiene. Be sure to disconnect the power supply in time to avoid burning itself with nothing, which will easily deform the bottom of the pot and reduce the service life of the heating equipment. In short, strengthening the maintenance and maintenance of the hot pot table is the best way to reduce costs and extend service life.

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