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Convenient conveyor belt hotpot table

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-08-13
    With the rapid development of the food industry, it has largely satisfied the needs of people going out to dining. Now it can be said that it is unimaginable. This is especially true for people who love hot pot. Now that you have a conveyor belt hotpot, you don't need to leave the table to choose the ingredients, you don't need to take the menu to order the ingredients, you just sit at the table, then all the ingredients in the hot pot shop are turned in front of you. Turn around in a conveyor belt, you just put your food into your shabu-shabu. This is the more popular conveyor belt hot pot, and the hot pot table used is also transferable.
    However, this kind of hot pot table needs to pay attention to some matters during the hotpot project installation, which is also the experience of the industry. First of all, this conveyor belt is controlled by the main unit and the motor, so pay attention to the choice of the main unit and the motor when installing. Be sure to purchase products that have been trusted by the manufacturer and must guarantee quality. Otherwise, when the customers suddenly do not turn when they dine, can the customer still have to wait around the long hot pot table to pick up the vegetables? After selecting the host and the motor, pay attention to the ground that needs to be installed. Make sure that the ground is level. Otherwise, the machine will be unstable when it is running. Customers will worry if they will fall.
hotpot project    When installing this kind of conveyor belt hotpot table, pay attention to the power supply, do not need to pull too long wires, the wire is too long, the cost is increased, and it will be mixed. Because this kind of rotary small hot pot is hygienic, convenient and easy to save, it attracts many people, especially young people. Therefore, there must be a certain passage during the installation to facilitate the customer to walk, but not too wide, then it is not convenient for people to pick up the vegetables, it is not enough to feel the arm is not long enough, it is very uncomfortable, eat a meal The meal is quite tired.
    Because this rotary hot pot table is controlled by the main engine and the motor after all, it can't avoid some troubles, so reserve space for repair and maintenance. For those who use this hot pot table, they must regularly check and repair, try to avoid the failure of the peak meal, affecting the business and reputation of the store. Because this rotating belt automatically transfers food to the customer and saves the time of ordering, it is welcomed by people, but we must pay attention to food hygiene, truly safe, fast, hygienic and comfortable, and really live up to the meal. The title of the new trend of the industry.

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