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The most common induction cooker hotpot table in hot pot restaurant

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-08-14
Although there are many different classifications of hot pot tables, there are many kinds of charcoal fire, firewood, gas, induction cooker, convection oven, etc. according to the heat source. However, the induction cooker hotpot table is favored by the hotpot restaurant operators because of its advantages in safety, environmental protection and hygiene. The hot pot table heated by the induction cooker has the same shape as the ordinary hot pot table, but the hot pot table will embed the induction cooker in the lower part of the table, making full use of the space at the bottom of the table to maximize the use of the table top, so that the diners will not put in the ingredients because the desktop is too small . When we were in the hot pot restaurant, it was really exquisite to see the small induction cookers embedded in the tabletop. It is really good to having with this pot.

metal frame hotpot table      But people always see the superficial things, and this kind of exquisite hot pot table is actually insufficient. Generally, a table may be about ten people, and perhaps a big one is about twenty people. Then each person has a small induction cooker, a table of more than a dozen induction cookers, then it will use more than a dozen plugs to connect the power supply. This multi-head power supply consumes a lot of electric power, which is easy to cause excessive electrical load and cause connection parts. Sparks and poor contact or fire. Therefore, there are potential safety hazards and it is difficult to pass the acceptance of the fire department.

This kind of induction cooker hot pot table, because it uses more than a dozen induction cookers, if this induction cooker is not without radiation, it will produce severe electromagnetic radiation, which brings health hazards to the diners, especially children, pregnant women or those who carry metal ornaments. You may find that your bank card is always not magnetic, then you think about whether you always enjoy hot pot with induction cooker? The magnetic energy on the bank card is cancelled by the radiation emitted by the induction cooker.

This kind of induction cooker hot pot table embedded in the table, put a small pot on the top of the shabu-shabu pot, it is difficult to ensure that no soup will be splashed out, although the soup on the surface can be wiped clean, but it remains clean in the gap. A long time ago, a large number of bacteria will be born, which will cause harm to the health of diners. When installing this hot pot table, first ensure that the bottom of the table is not blocked, which is beneficial for the heat dissipation of the equipment. Otherwise, the device may be overheated due to poor heat dissipation, resulting in equipment failure or a larger accident. Therefore, when choosing to go to the hot pot restaurant, you must pay attention to the hygiene and safety facilities in the store to ensure your safety.

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