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Hotpot restaurant choosing hotpot table should be pay attention to the heat source

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-08-15
We all know that enjoying hot pot is not like it used to be. It is not just the diversity of ingredients. It has changed a lot since the table of dining. In the development of the hotpot meal, the design of the hotpot table has become more and more humanized. For example, it comes with heating equipment, such as one person one pot shabu-shabu hotpot, such as simple operation. Take heating equipment for example, it must meet several requirements, such as must be guaranteed to be a regular product, can not take fake and shoddy products posing as regular products to cause damage to the diners. It must be safe and reliable. For example, if it is heated by a gas burner, the safety performance of the burner must be checked, and there should be no gas leakage.

Now the owner of the hotpot restaurant must check the hot pot tables before opening, so which heating method must be fixed first. The most common heating methods are charcoal fire, firewood, gas, cassette furnace, alcohol stove. Waiting for cook, as well as convection ovens, electric ceramic stoves, induction cookers, etc. There are pros and cons for these heating devices. Which one to choose depends on how the boss thinks? Generally consider the following aspects: First, the requirements for power. The second is the positioning of the diners. The third is what grade the decoration belongs to. The fourth is to consider the cost of electricity or gas into the restaurant. The fifth is the fire protection requirements. Sixth is its own economic situation.

If you choose which heating method to use, you should consider how to purchase the heating equipment of the hotpot table. Pay attention to the following questions before purchasing: The first is the issue of security. You must not buy three products for the sake of cheapness. You must know that this is to face the consumer. Once the danger is caused by heating equipment, it is not a trivial matter. Therefore, for the purchase of heating equipment, we must go to regular manufacturers to purchase qualified products.
Second is the issue of the scale of the firepower. The firepower is mainly important, because the higher the firepower, the higher the price of the heating equipment, but it is not possible to buy equipment with low firepower in order to lower the price. For a long time, I don’t cook the hotpot . If I could prepare the pot and cook it, who is willing to go to your store? There is also the problem of operating the switch. This kind of operation switch is not like your own home, and the usage rate of people is not as high as that of a business store. Therefore, it must be durable. It is also convenient to operate. When the restaurant is busy, the waiter can't take care of all the customer, and the consumer can operate it himself. Finally, we must consider a product price issue. While ensuring that it is a regular product, the price is moderate. Only in this way, the carefully selected hot pot table can meet the requirements of the hot pot restaurant.

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