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What are the styles of Chinese hotpot tables?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-08-16
Hotpot is a unique food in China and has a long history. Because it is characterized by eating and cooking, soup ingredients, and not limited to ingredients, meat, seafood, vegetables, soy products and fungi can be used as hotpot ingredients, spicy or fresh, The oil is not greasy, sweaty, and feels transparent, and the hot pot is not restricted by the season, so it is popular among the public and is the traditional cuisine of our country. Now that the hotpot restaurant is full of streets and alleys, then the hotpot restaurant will inevitably have a hotpot table. Now the hot pot table is not just a table like the one before, and there is a big copper hot pot on it. Everyone is surrounded by it.

With the development of the meal industry, especially the changes in the taste of the masses, the types of Chinese hotpots have increased, and the hot pot tables have undergone many changes with the times. The current hot pot table generally refers to the dining table with its own heating equipment. The person who enjoys can put the ingredients that he likes to having in the pot, just like cooking himself. The current hot pot table can be divided into charcoal stove hotpot table, wood stove hotpot table, gas burner hotpot table, convection oven hot pot table, electric ceramic stove hot pot table, induction cooker hotpot table, etc. according to its heating equipment.

The Chinese hotpot table is divided into a wooden desktop hotpot table, a stone desktop hotpot table, a glass desktop hotpot table, and a mixed desktop hotpot table according to the desktop material. These hotpot tables of different materials have their own advantages, and the restaurant can choose according to the needs of their self. The hotpot table can also be divided into a meal hotpot table according to the way of eating, that is, one person and one pot, or Shabu-Shabu hotpot. The hotpot table is also a one-pot, self-service hotpot table, which is a hotpot table with automatic rotating supply of ingredients. The hotpot table is also divided into a set-up, embedded, hidden hotpot table according to the installation method of the heating device.

The classification of these hotpot tables has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, hotpot tables with charcoal fire, firewood, bottled gas or natural gas are prone to fire or explosion, and sometimes harmful gases are discharged. It will also trigger poisoning incidents. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct regular tests during use to ensure the safety of consumers. For example, the hot pot table of the glass countertop sometimes causes the glass to blew. Although there are many reasons for this self-explosion, if it occurs in the hot pot restaurant, it will cause the personal safety of the diners, so you must pay attention to remove these safety when choosing this type of countertop. Hidden dangers.

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