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How to avoid the price trap when buying hotpot tables and chairs?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-08-18
The popularity of hot pot food has driven the hot pot restaurant, and the hot pot restaurant has naturally driven the hot pot table and chair. So how can you not fall into the price trap when buying hotpot tables and chairs? If you don't want to fall into the price trap of hot pot tables and chairs, you have to understand the form of these traps. The first one is the problem of chaotic pricing. The average merchant first sets the price high and then discounts, so that the buyer thinks that the price has dropped so much, and really bought the bargain.

Merchants generally double the price of the normal price of the goods, and then discounted for a limited time, the discount is mostly 50% or 60%, so that the buyer thinks that the opportunity is rare, saving money to buy. This kind of sales routine is used by most merchants. The so-called limited time discount, wait for you to go to see it after a month. This kind of trick to high price, and then discount promotions is often encountered in the market, almost everyone who buys hot pot tables and chairs will encounter this price trap.

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The second is to impersonate the products of well-known brands of hot pot tables and chairs manufacturers to deceive buyers. This kind of thing is often encountered when buying furniture. Bad merchants use the psychology of consumers who want to be cheap and don’t know how to distinguish real products. They use ordinary hotpot tables and chairs instead of well-known brands to earn black money. Consumers often give up returns in order to avoid lengthy resolutions. Due to the limited layout of some restaurants, hot pot tables and chairs cannot be the same size, and can be based on the size of the combined table. There are two tables, three tables, four tables and so on. Such different sizes of hot pot tables can fully utilize the space as long as they are matched, and can also meet the needs of different groups of people.

We buy big items and are particularly afraid of bad after-sales. If the damage is not found, it will be very troublesome. When buying hotpot tables and chairs, you will also encounter big fuss in after-sales service. Now some hot pot restaurants in order to reduce costs is also in line with the store's decoration style will often find manufacturers to order such hot pot tables and chairs, but some manufacturers have used the price is already low as an excuse to add shipping and installation costs, and later settled, The cost of this hot pot table and chair is not as low as imagined, and it does not enjoy the benefits that the manufacturer said. Therefore, we still suggests that restaurant owner who want to buy hot pot tables and chairs should not be superstitious about what kind of discount sales and other nephews, must go to the credibility and brand trustworthy manufacturers to buy.

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