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Do you know What are the top three brands of catering furniture?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-08-23
Human behavior is inseparable from clothing, food, shelter, and travel, and eating is in the second place, which shows its importance. Everyone knows that in the process of eating, we not only need pots and pans, but also need dining furniture. Although the two seem to be in a completely parallel position and do not interfere with each other, there are still many intersections in actual daily life. Before we eat, we will place the tableware on the dining furniture, so that the family and Sit back and enjoy the sumptuous food.

With the continuous improvement of people's daily life and the continuous improvement of their quality of life, everyone is paying more and more attention to the purchase of dining furniture. When you buy, you should not only consider the environmental protection, easy cleaning and durability of catering furniture, but also consider its aesthetics, practicality and diversity. Therefore, there are not only catering furniture with various materials and styles, but also catering furniture with different functions and different brands. Today, we mainly come to understand the top three brands of dining furniture, and hope to provide more people with some understanding.hotpot table
One of the catering furniture brands: Quanyou Furniture, which is a product of Allyou Furniture Co., Ltd., was founded in 1986 and is a famous brand product in Sichuan Province. It is also one of the largest leading enterprises in the production of panel catering furniture in China. For strategic partners and domestic large-scale household products development manufacturers and service providers.

The second of the catering furniture brand: Qumei Furniture, which is a brand of Qumei Furniture Group Co., Ltd., is a large-scale standardized furniture group integrating design, production and sales, and is the most modern design furniture brand in China. The leading manufacturer of modern fashion homes, the catering furniture produced by it is also very representative.

The third of the catering furniture brand: Red Apple Furniture, which belongs to Shenzhen Tiancheng Furniture Co., Ltd., is a famous trademark and famous brand product in Guangdong Province, and is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in China. The most comprehensive catering furniture industry in Guangdong Province One of the strength companies.

As can be seen from the above, the top three brands in the catering furniture industry now include All-Friends Furniture, Qumei Furniture and Red Apple Furniture. Almost all of these three major furniture brands account for one-third of the market's sales, and it is precisely because the quality of its catering furniture can stand the test, it will receive the unanimous pursuit and love of consumers.

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