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How to carry out maintenance on marble dining furniture?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-08-24
At present, the common dining table and Chair beverage outlets on the market have solid wood dining furniture, marble dining furniture, glass dining furniture, plastic dining furniture and stainless steel dining furniture. These materials can be said to occupy half of the entire market. Because marble dining furniture not only has the characteristics of sturdy and durable, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, waterproof, etc., but also very beautiful and easy to clean, it has been favored and liked by consumers.
marble dining furniture

I believe everyone is well known for the easy-to-clean characteristics of marble dining furniture. Whether in the home environment or in the catering industry, we can see a combination of marble and solid wood dining furniture. The solid wood dining furniture is inlaid with a large piece of marble on the desktop, so that even if there are oil stains and stains on it. It will not penetrate into the dining furniture to avoid the trouble of cleaning in the future. Although the maintenance and maintenance of marble dining furniture is so convenient, it is necessary to understand the maintenance method of the comprehensive system. Today, we will focus on introducing it to everyone.

Marble dining furniture maintenance method 1: Because marble dining furniture is directly washed with water, it is easy to leave water stains, so use less water in the cleaning process, mainly wipe it with a wet rag, and do not wipe with a hard dry rag. To avoid scratching the marble dining furniture.

Marble dining furniture maintenance method 2: too hot items will leave traces on marble dining furniture, it is recommended to use camphor oil for removal. For surface stains that cannot be removed with a damp rag, apply vinegar or lemon juice, smear, and then clean with water.

Marble dining furniture maintenance method 3: general marble is more fragile, should try to avoid hitting with hard objects; in addition, for the wear of marble furniture furniture edge, you can use the steel ball to wipe, make the edges smooth.

Marble dining furniture is more durable than other materials, but if you use it improperly, it will have different effects. Therefore, if the use of marble dining furniture is longer and more effective, we should master the maintenance methods described above, so that it is very helpful for others.

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