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Tips for picking a hot pot table that you can easily learn.

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-08-31
In recent years, with the popularity of hot pot culture, whether it is family members gathering or company department colleagues gathering, people who choose hot pot are more and more common, so the hot pot has gradually become a common dinner the way. In addition to being a good way to make friends, the hot pot can also enrich our taste buds and let us know another food culture. The popularity of hot pots has also accelerated the sales of hot pot tables.

The hot pot table is an essential dining furniture when eating hot pot, which plays a vital role in the use. Different hot pot methods, the requirements and design of the hot pot table are also different, so everyone must make a prior understanding and understanding when purchasing. Hot pot tables used in home environments are generally more popular, but for hot pot restaurants, they must be purchased in conjunction with actual needs. Today we mainly come to introduce the picking tips of the hot pot table, I hope to help more hot pot franchisees.
tips for picking hotpot table
Tip 1: First of all, consider the safety of the hot pot table, and say "safety first", which is very practical at any time. When buying a hot pot table, we must check the name of the factory, the trademark, the factory certificate, and strictly prohibit the purchase of three products. At the same time, the products of regular manufacturers can be safer, more secure and more assured.

Tip 2: The firepower of the hot pot table is not the bigger the better, as long as it is enough. Generally, the greater the firepower, the faster the heating rate, the greater the energy consumption, and the higher the sales price. From the perspective of cost saving, only the firepower is moderate.

Tip 3: The operation switch requires durability, because the hot pot table in the hot pot restaurant has more operations per day, so it must be durable, easy to operate and easy to install. The same is true for the price of the product, the more expensive the better, we should be based on their actual needs, the price is moderate, no problem.

After the above introduction about the hot pot table selection skills, I believe that everyone should have a real understanding and understanding. As a common catering furniture in the hot pot restaurant, the hot pot table should not be considered from the perspective of cost saving, but also consider its actual durability, safety, operability, etc., so that you can choose the hot pot that meets the requirements. table.

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