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What is an electric table and its advantages and working principle?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-09-04
1. What is an electric dining table:

The electric dining table is equipped with an electric turntable on the round hotpot table. When used, the turntable can be set to rotate at an automatic low speed, which is convenient for the diners to pick up the food dishes. Generally, there are two types of constant speed and variable speed. It is generally equipped with remote control to facilitate the service of the waiter. It is mostly used in high-end hotel rooms, made of solid wood, MDF, plywood and other plates. The turntable is mostly made of tempered glass or solid wood. The electric table is an innovative product of the hotel table in recent years, which can bring more convenience to people.

2. Advantages

 electric dining table

a. the rotation is stable, the speed is just satisfactory;

b. can be reversed, electric, manual integration;
c.unique appearance, luxurious style, distinguished and elegant;
d.the VIP number automatically displays the number;
e.bearing great, wear-resistant;
f.low noise, low energy consumption
g.can install lanterns to enhance the festive atmosphere;
h.microelectronics, no radiation, green and environmental protection;

3,.working principle

There are several brake motors and screw devices in the center of the electric table. The motor brakes, and the large and small gears drive the turntable to rotate at a constant speed. Electric table tops are currently available in both solid wood and steel. The solid wood is mostly made of solid wood plate and mounted on the motor and the size gear. Most of the steel ground supports are motor-driven desktop turntables. At the same time, the motor line device can remotely adjust the speed and direction of rotation of the motor.

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