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A few buying tips to an electric hot pot table.

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-09-05
In recent years, the automatic electric table has become more and more popular. The humanized design of the electric table is more in line with people's requirements for high quality life. The electric table is different from the previous table. Therefore, consumers should pay attention when purchasing the electric table. Here provide a few buying tips:
rubber solid wood dining chair
 1. The price: Inquiry around, there are price quotes online, you can refer to.

 2. Material: Many electric table companies are advertised with Malaysian rubber wood, because most buyers do not know what Malaysian rubber wood is, it is easy to be cheated.

 3. Motor: The core part of the electric table is the motor.

 4. Brand: professional electric table brand quality is guaranteed.

 5. Service: the motor is the most vulnerable and out of order, the need for buyers to examine the services of various businesses.

   Usually, the wood itself contains a certain amount of water, so it will be dried before the furniture is made. This is well known, but the drying must follow certain standards, generally less than 15%.

   Due to the difference in geographical location, the average moisture content in the atmosphere will vary, so the water content requirements for wooden furniture vary from region to region. The quality of the wood directly affects the use of the electric round table. Especially if the table support is made of solid wood, the easy deformation of the wood will affect the normal use of the turntable. The choice of solid wood big round table also needs to start from the details. First of all, the structure of the furniture, such as the table can be shaken by hand, look stable and unstable; the sofa should sit and sway, if not active, not soft, no sound , indicating that the structure of the blink is relatively firm. Secondly, when buying wood furniture, don't just look at the smooth surface paint, but also touch the thick coating. If the paint film is too thin, the heat resistance and scratch resistance of the furniture will decrease. In addition, pay attention to the paint film at the corners, the corners are not straight and right angles, and the straight edges are easy to fall off. The inner measurement of the furniture should also be painted with a lacquer. The non-painted slab is easy to bend and not beautiful.
solid wood electric table
In addition, it is not easy to see if the furniture veneer is flat when it is flat. Moreover, the edge is not flat, indicating that the inner material may be wet, and the sealing may fall off in a few days. The edge banding should also be rounded and not straight at right angles. The edges sealed with wood strips are prone to moisture and cracking. Secondly, if the motor is produced by a regular manufacturer, the service life of the motor can be guaranteed, so that the electric round table can realize its convenience and high-grade.

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