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Wanyene provides you with leather booth sofa maintenance knowledge

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-09-06

Many restaurants are equipped with sofas, and the correct maintenance of the deck sofa can effectively extend the service life,today wanyene here  provides you with leather card seat sofa maintenance knowledge!

1. The outer surface of the leather can not be wiped with a knife, hard rag, etc. to prevent the surface of the leather from being damaged and affecting the service life;

booth sofa
2, when the leather surface has dirt that is difficult to remove, do not use gasoline, xylene, pine perfume, and other solvents to prevent the leather from fading; if the appearance has been slightly scratched or burned, etc., the same color leather can be used. Bond or glue to prevent the wound from getting bigger. Tea restaurant tables and chairs professional custom
3, leather card seat sofa is recommended to use a soft rag every month with a detergent to gently wipe, then wipe with clean water, then dry with a dry rag and spray on the maintenance of wax such as Bi Lizhu; long-term maintenance of oil pollution comparison In case of heavy weight, it can be cleaned first with Mr. Wei Meng, then with detergent. After wiping, wipe with warm water, then dry with a dry rag and spray with maintenance wax;

4, the most important point is to avoid the card seat sofa directly exposed to the sun, because the ultraviolet light will make the fabric fiber lose its elasticity, become fragile and fade. The cotton cloth needs to be cleaned to prevent shrinkage; therefore, we recommend that you clean the sofa card regularly. Dust and residue on the seat should be removed immediately. If the surface of the fabric is pilling, use a knife or electric depilatory to remove it. Avoid sitting in the same position on the sofa, occasionally changing position or changing the seat cushion. The position can maintain a balanced life of the sofa deck.

We should also pay attention when choosing a restaurant card seat sofa, do not choose dirty leather and leather hard leather, which will bring great convenience to the later maintenance care!

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