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Why is the induction cooker hot pot table so popular?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-11-03
Winter is coming, not only brings cold, but also brings people's favorite - hot pot, we must be very familiar to the hot pot. The hot pot has different flavors and local characteristics, which are deeply loved by people. The modern hot pot is not only a kind of Cookware, is a way of eating, is a food that people talk about, especially in the cold winter, friends and family sitting around enjoying hot pot, can be described as full of enthusiasm, hearty, the traditional way to have hot pot is in a ordinary table, some special appliances were used to set fire on the top, and the pot was placed on it. With the progress of the times, a dedicated hot pot table appeared. Among them, the induction cooker hot pot table is the most popular one.
Induction cooker hot pot table
The hot pot table using the induction cooker as the heating device is called the induction cooker hot pot table. The shape of the table is similar to that of the ordinary table, except that the induction cooker is ingeniously embedded in the inside and is heated by the alternating current to the metal pan. This table has high cleanliness and safety. Environmental protection and other advantages, to meet the needs of people's healthy and environmentally friendly new diet, so welcomed by the market, as one of the hot pot restaurants, one of the main restaurant furniture in Hot Pot City.

So why is the induction cooker hot pot table so popular?
First, the versatility of the induction cooker is a popular feature of it. Because it uses the principle of electromagnetic induction heating, it reduces the intermediate part of heat transfer, so its thermal efficiency can reach 80% to 92%. Therefore, the electromagnetic cooker gradually replaced the liquefied gas tank in the household as a spare kitchen utensil, which is its greatest advantage.

Second, cleaning is also a feature of the electromagnetic cooker. Because it uses electric heating, there is no fuel residue and exhaust gas pollution. Because it uses the principle of electromagnetic induction heating, it reduces the intermediate part of heat transfer. It takes two liters of water to burn two liters of water in the 1600 Watt electric induction cooker, which is equivalent to the firepower of the gas stove. Use it to steam, boil, stew, and simmer all the way, even if you cook. In Beijing, many households have not used pipeline gas, and canned liquefied petroleum gas is the only energy source. However, since the induction cooker was used, the liquefied gas tank has become a spare kitchen utensil. The induction cooker can completely replace the gas stove, unlike the electric hot pot and microwave oven, it is only a supplement to the gas stove. Induction cooker table manufacturers say that this is its biggest advantage.

The versatility of the induction cooker, which is multi-purpose, is economical and therefore very popular among consumers.

Induction cooker hot pot table materials are also a variety of materials, both marble and wood, stone and plate are also very common, but because the marble cooker hot pot table has a natural mineral composition, most of the fine texture, Crystal and moist, mirror effect is good, coupled with the natural marble table top surface is smooth, easy to clean, while overheating things and drinks can be placed directly on the surface when eating hot pot, so it is the most popular among many materials, but because The high price of marble, so many hot pot cities will also use cheap and stylish wooden materials, some high-end hot pot city is still the theme of marble material.
Marble induction cooker hot pot table plays a very important role in the catering industry, so we must pay special attention to its maintenance when using it, we must pay attention to its gentle wiping during use, and do not destroy the appearance of its surface.

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