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How do you choose the style of hot pot tables and chairs in the hot pot restaurant?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-11-19
When we open a hot pot restaurant, we try our best to make a careful calculation. Because the cost is really high, it looks like a small restaurant. It is necessary to sign a contract for a few years, pay enough rent, and decorate the hot pot restaurant. The procurement of equipment, as well as some personnel costs, are important investment projects that cannot be ignored. The purchase of restaurant furniture is also a very important source of funds. Therefore, this integration is a significant amount. Well, since we have to invest so much money in a hot pot restaurant, the shopkeeper is of course very strict with all aspects of the purchase, of course, this will be more reflected in the decoration, as well as the restaurant hot pot table and chair, because These are a measure that directly affects the customer's environment.
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  As for how to choose the restaurant hot pot table and chair, I believe that everyone will immediately think of a problem: the price is expensive, it is not all right, of course, the furniture is not understood, we can all take money as a kind of Means are tools that can be used to measure a cargo. So in general, in the hot pot restaurant furniture that is very popular nowadays, some hot pot restaurants, buffets, western foods, and more mainstream styles generally have models. Hot pot restaurant furniture is currently a dining furniture market more than a catering furniture, how to choose hot pot restaurant furniture, first of all to distinguish between these two types of hot pot table furniture, which is common marble hot pot table and solid wood hot pot table, but still in marble hot pot Table-based, then as a manufacturer, the most ordered is still the choice of marble hot pot table, should be the characteristics of the marble hot pot table: marble material is hard, high density, not easy to corrode or damage, and the surface is smooth and easy to clean Of course, it is more important that the marble itself has good thermal insulation performance. This is mainly reflected in the use of gas fire boilers or induction fire boilers. Of course, we choose marble hot pot tables not only because of these advantages, but also because of its very attractive appearance. It looks good and looks very high-end, which is the first step in getting the most people's hearts and trust in appearance. Therefore, the marble hot pot table is economical and beautiful, why not?

 We have chosen the color of the marble hot pot table. We should choose the corresponding restaurant sofa and dining chair style according to the decoration style of our shop. For the hot pot restaurant, we should choose the thick and durable dining chair furniture. Singular and impractical furniture will bring more cleaning and maintenance problems in the later period, causing unnecessary troubles and maintenance costs. Therefore, rational purchasing of practical dining chairs is the first point. The furniture we purchase is to serve our customers and be responsible to our customers. In addition, when using the card seat sofa, it is necessary to customize the appropriate size according to the actual situation of the restaurant. For the general restaurant sofa, our manufacturer still recommends the use of the full soft pack type of card holder, the structure is simple and strong, and durable. Good-looking, compared to the restaurant deck with fireproof board or veneer, it will fall off for a long time. Compared with the all-soft sofa, it is affordable and durable, and low-cost investment is to have more funds in a reasonable place.

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