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The glass table is not easy to install, and the price is expensive? Good news is coming!

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-11-22
Glass table always stands out in the restaurant, but it is too fragile in the eyes of others, even if any of its shapes can be used as an embellishment in any place. The glass table, about how to install the accessories, has always been a concern of many people. There are many new and old customers of Wanyene who always ask how to install them when customizing glass round table and chairs.

These problems are not a problem in Wanyene, and installing a glass hot pot table is not difficult. Although it is a glass hot pot table, it is not completely made of glass. Whether it is inlaid or hidden, it will use solid wood or plywood to make the bottom. The overall effect of the finished product is still a glass hot pot table, using solid wood or the splint adhesion bottom strengthens the glass strength, which also makes the concealed machine cage have the attachment point, and also meets the requirements of the customer's desire for the glass hot pot table.

Followed by style, casual and simple stainless steel glass dining table, tempered glass ,,1.. is sturdy and durable, stainless steel table legs. The base size is 500 mm, the middle tube size is 76 mm, the bracket size is 100 mm, the board size is 800 mm, and the specification round table is 500 mm. 

The plate glass dining table, the table top is made of tempered glass, the table frame fittings are stainless steel, and the clear and tidy outdoor garden style. There are also many small partners who put such a glass dining table on the outside and drink the evening breeze to drink tea. It is also a pleasure. The desktop size is 700mm*850mm and the desktop is 75mm high.

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