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Introduction of Chinese hot pot table

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-11-30
In addition to the variety of Korean-style square round table., the round hot pot table is also highly regarded by customers. A marble table can be used in a variety of sizes for different people in hotel, usually with a smaller number of hot pot tables in the banquet hall, and the dining room will be seat with a large number of people, and it will be used for wedding parties, birthday parties, corporate gatherings, etc. So, what is the size of the different size of the round hot pot table? I will let everyone know immediately.

The single-pot round hot pot table is a small hot pot table, usually ranging from four to six. The picture above shows a conventional round four-person hot pot table with a diameter of 900 mm, which can be customized according to the size of the partner's storefront. It can also be customized for two people and the size is 500 mm.

Most of the round dining tables are based on Chinese classical style, made of wood, and the style is mainly reflected in the table legs. Generally, the Chinese classical round table will pay attention to the shape. The picture above shows a well-rounded eight-person one-person one-pot round hot pot table. The conventional size is 1300 mm in diameter. It can be customized for six people and has a diameter of 1100 mm----1250 mm.

Chinese-style round European appearance, another perfect round hot pot table with Chinese and Western combination, the table top is clean and tidy, the solid wood table frame is brilliant and domineering, and the grade of hot pot restaurant can be greatly improved in a flash. The above is a ten-person hot pot table with a diameter of 1500 mm and a height of 750 mm. Customized twelve-digit size with a diameter of 1800 mm.
Chinese hot pot table
Classic classical Chinese round hot pot table, white marble table top with red solid wood table frame, fresh and high-grade. More people can be customized. The size of 16 people is 2.8 m in diameter, the size of 18 people is 3.0 m in diameter, the size of 20 people is 3.3m  in diameter, and the size of 22 people is 3.5 m in diameter.

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