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After the hot pot eating in spring feeling Uncomfortable

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2018-12-27
Although the weather is still cold, the spring is still coming unconsciously, and the temperature is slowly picking up. Many people often squat at the hot pot table and eat hot pots. Everyone knows that it is easy to get Shanghuo or feeling uncomfortablewhen eating hot pot in spring, but you can't control your mouth. So, what should we do?
  Many people will say: eat hot pot, and drink the Wanglaoji or the Jiaduobao to balance the heat, usually will prepare some such drink when having hot pot table. In fact, eating hot pot with after effect is due to eating too hot, the heat suddenly increased, coupled with eating too fast, the body can not convert heat for a short time, which led to the fire. If you use a cool thing to reduce the fire, it will form a hedge against high heat and increase the damage to the body. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink herbal tea immediately to reduce the fire when eating hot pot. If the hot pot bottom material can be properly selected, the dietary structure can be improved, and the meat dish can be properly matched, the factors of the fire can be clamped in the bud. 

  The spring weather is gradually warming up, the liver is vigorous and rising, and the choice of hot pot bottom should avoid too spicy taste, pay attention to light. People with weak body can choose to nourish the base. Since it is common to have the theory of spring liver, it is good to choose the liver of some animals in hot pot ingredients, but we must pay attention to the hygiene of the ingredients.
  The combination of ingredients should be a three-course dish. Vegetables are best to choose seasonal fresh vegetables, roots such as carrots, white radish, yam and yam are also good ingredients; meat can be diversified: lamb, beef, seafood, etc. can be. Everyone should pay attention to: vegetables, meat should pay attention to hygiene, the time of sputum should not be too long, and the temperature of the freshly prepared ingredients is too high, it is easy to damage the oral mucosa and esophageal mucosa immediately after eating, it is best to wait until the ingredients are cooled to normal temperature to eat.

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