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【Huizhou】ShiShang Yufang-Hengyuan Hotel Branch

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2019-08-02
Huizhou Hengyuan holidy hotel hotpot restaurant inner decoration marble top hot pot tableround mable top hotpot table and chairshot pot table and chairs in restaurantbooth sofa and hot pot table and chairswooden booth sofa with hotpot tablebooth sofa and chairs and hotpot Table combinationhot pot restaurant picturehot pot restaurant inner design

Shishang Yufang is one of Wanyene Hotel Furniture's old customer, the resturant special dish is hotpot fish. Shishang Yufang use unified style of hot pot furniture, marble top hotpot table with matt metal balck hotpot table base, and wood grain metal chairs, and wooden booth sofa. The owner, Mr.Chen is very appreciate our hotpot furniture crafts

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