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What is the difference between the induction cooker hotpot table and the traditional hotpot table?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2017-12-06
  The induction cooker hotpot table is a dining table which is integrated with a non-home induction cooker and a dining table. In the ordinary induction cooker, the electromagnetic radiation generated by the coil disk is heated in addition to the pot body on the furnace surface, and a part of electromagnetic radiation is from the induction cooker body and the pot. The body is vented to the outside, and what is said to be the leakage electromagnetic radiation. This part of the electromagnetic radiation is the electromagnetic radiation source that endangers human health. The intensity of the external radiation source is related to the power of the induction cooker and the quality of the induction cooker.
  The induction cooker used in Wanyene furniture is a commercial induction cooker. This is different from the general household induction cooker. The commercial induction cooker has extremely high reliability and can work at high power for a long time. This is unmatched by ordinary household induction cookers.
 Compared with the traditional flame hotpot table, since the open fire hotpot table is dangerous to use fossil fuels, there have been terrible explosion scenes on the open fire hot pot table. This is a national order prohibiting the use of open fire hot pot tables in public places. Into the development of the induction cooker hot pot table.
  At present, in the promotion and use of domestic gas boilers, the quality standards are not uniform, the after-sales service is not perfect, affecting the normal use of users; the flue gas is generally unorganized and produces local pollution; some gas stoves operate with loud noise; users in cold northern regions Long-term out-of-season antifreeze is more troublesome; people also worry about their safety, and the gas source investment is large, the operating cost is higher than that of coal burning, and the gas furnace is lower than the electric furnace. If it is used for a long time, the cost savings are considerable.

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