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Is it suitable to use hotpot tables in the Northeast?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2017-12-06

   Temperate monsoon climate in the northeastern part of China. The amount of precipitation is small, mainly based on ice water supply. The weather is mild in summer and very cold in winter. Is the hot pot table suitable for use in such an environment?

  The answer is yes.
  However, compared with the traditional hot pot table, if the solid wood hot pot table is used, the wood moisture may not reach the proper condition due to the production and processing, and the freezing and cold weather in the northeast region may cause a bursting phenomenon.
  Therefore, in view of such characteristics, Wanfang Furniture has launched an artificial marble hot pot dining table, which perfectly solves this problem. The marble hot pot table has a natural texture, and the senses and feelings are basically similar to those of natural stone, and the color difference is small, basically achieving no difference in color difference.
 It has strong plasticity, can be customized, flexible use, uniform color and looks good. Combined with the Wanyan induction cooker to greatly improve the usability or improve the safety performance, long-term high-power continuous power work for 24 hours.
  Generally speaking, the hot pot table used in the northeast region is made up of artificial marble as the desktop hardware and stainless steel. It is beautiful, high-end and generous, and has a variety of colors.

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