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Is the hot pot table using solid wood or hardware?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2017-12-07

   The structure of the hot pot table is roughly divided into a variety of materials:

  The categories of the desktop are: natural marble, artificial marble, solid wood dining table, tempered glass table top.
  Table legs are classified as: hardware table legs, solid wood table legs
  When we are faced with the purchase of hot pot dining table, we may encounter the problem of hesitating choices. I will say according to the proposal of popularizing the needs of the industry. The hotpot table is generally made of artificial marble as the desktop and hardware as the foot, because artificial The performance of marble has better performance than that of natural marble and some of them are superior. Some people may ask why the natural marble or solid wood dining table which is not selected because the natural marble is difficult to process and the natural marble is radiated. The marble will slowly seep into the interior in the greasy place, and the later will affect the appearance because of too much oil on the table.
Natural marble uses a variety of processes such as oil paper + color pattern + waxing to form a good protective layer on the surface of the table. The use of layers for many years is as bright as new, and the color of the pattern is tens of millions. There will be a restaurant style suitable for you. CCTV, and easy to process, cost control, shape can be customized according to your needs processing, due to various reasons, the marble hot pot table has been hot!!
  The biggest difference between the hardware table legs and the solid wood table legs is also hardware and solid wood. Under normal circumstances, the hardware material has a long service life and is easy to repair, and the processing speed is fast and the cost is low. The solid wood dining table legs are made of wood, which is difficult to process and costly, because restaurants and other places may be harsh, and long-term use may cause mildew in the wooden feet.
  Based on the above-mentioned and industry analysis, it is generally recommended to order artificial marble and hardware feet, and then with a commercial banquet cooker, the perfect composition of the hot pot table.

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