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Disadvantages of traditional hot pot table

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2017-12-08

     The hot pot dining table of the traditional hot pot is generally fashioned with a solid wood hot pot dining table. Generally, it is used in a gas stove equipped with a wood-panel structure. In the course of use, there are a large number of flames and gas bottles in the vicinity, gas pipes are easily to bed damaged. In the public places to the consumer is extremely dangerous, once in the 7-person restaurant in Hubei to eat hot pot to having "fire people" explosion scene fierce!  

       The combination of the wood-paneled hotpot table and the modern hotpot table has obvious differences, and the traditional wooden hotpot table has serious shortcomings:  

      (1) The use of traditional wooden hot pot tables is prone to mildew and severely affects stability.   

      (2)The traditional wooden hotpot table is prone to cause illness after being ingested by the human body.   

      (3) The connection position is prone to loosening, which brings dangerous factors to the user.   

      (4)The oil stain easily penetrates into the interior of the board and turns yellow and black, which seriously affects the appearance.

      (5) There are natural defects in wood, such as thrift and insect eyes. 

      (6)Dry shrinkage, swelling, anisotropy, and the wood moisture content changes as the fiber saturation point changes. Due to the anisotropy, there are differences in the shrinkage and swelling of the wood in all directions, which may cause defects such as cracking and warpage of the wood.

      (7)Traditional wooden hot pot tables are prone to fire.

      (8)Serious damage to forest resources.   

      The modern hot pot dining table perfectly solves the above problems. The marble dining table + hardware frame + Wan Yan Induction Cooker is a good expression of modern dining atmosphere!

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