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What is the difference between a commercial induction cooker and a household induction cooker?

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  The world's first household induction cooker was born in Germany in 1957. In the early 1980s, the United States and Japan began to sell well. The principle of the induction cooker is to change the alternating magnetic field that changes the direction of the computer through the coil through electromagnetic induction. A vortex current is generated, and the Joule heating effect of the vortex current heats the conductor to achieve heating.

Induction cookers are divided into: household induction cookers and commercial induction cookers.

According to the purpose, it is divided into: household hot pot induction cooker, hot pot table induction cooker, buffet restaurant induction cooker, after kitchen soup soup induction cooker, after kitchen frying cooker induction cooker.

According to the power, it is divided into: low power 800W or less, general power 1000W-2500W, and high power (3000W-35000W).

According to use divided into : embedded induction cooker, benchtop induction cooker, floor-standing induction cooker.

The biggest difference between commercial induction cooker and household induction cooker:

      (1)The appearance is different. The household induction cooker is small in size, novel in design, rich in color, and keeps up with the trend. The commercial induction cooker is relatively large in size, and the appearance is focused on safety and practicality. The general outer casing is made of plastic or stainless steel and is less decorative.

      (2)The power is different. The general household induction cooker is within 2500W, and in the field of commercial induction cooker, the power is usually in the range of 3000W to 35000W.

      (3)The switch position is different. The switch of the household induction cooker is mainly based on buttons and touch switches, and can not be electromagnetically pressed for a long time. The commercial induction cooker usually has a wire control button, a wire control touch, a wire control slider, etc., so that the purpose of the design is to reduce the failure rate of the electromagnetic oven surface and Suitable for remote operation such as hot pot tables

      (4)The product quality is different. Because of the high power and long service time, the commercial induction cooker uses industrial grade components and household induction cookers with unmatched durability and stability.

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