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How much power does it take to open a hotpot restaurant to run?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2017-12-16

      Now many customers ask, if our shop operates hot pot restaurant, how to install the line power to meet the normal operation of multiple induction cookers? Under normal circumstances, customers need to develop the layout of their own store layout. After that, it is advisable for Wanyene Furniture Company to design how many tables should be placed in the store. It is also necessary to ask the customer for the number of specific induction cookers. For example: one person, one pot, induction cooker, middle large Induction cooker, etc., when the customer calculates the installed quantity, calculate the total power of the induction cooker.

      Under normal circumstances, commercial induction cookers range from 800W to 3000W. Customers can multiply the number of induction cookers by 8, plus the reference value of the kitchen and storefront electricity, and the specifications of the wires need not be ignored. The wire and cable products used in the power system are not neglected. There are mainly bare wires, bus bars (busbars), power cables (plastic cables, oil-paper cables (substituted by plastic power cables), rubber cables, overhead insulated cables), branch cables (replace some busbars), electromagnetic Wire and cable for electric equipment and electrical equipment.
           And the hot pot table line has a few points to note:
      (1)Due to the high power of high-power appliances, the power cord will heat up during use. The longer the power cord is, the larger the resistance will be. The heat generated by the power cord will also increase, resulting in an increase in power consumption of the appliance. Therefore, the short power line is relatively safe, and the probability of a safety accident will decrease.
      (2) If the power cord is too long, it will not be easy to place. Such as lame or being pulled off the line, causing the appliance to burn out.
      (3)The minimum line plug is about 30CM off the ground, mainly to prevent the ground from slipping and easy to get an electric shock.
      (4) In order to make the hot pot table more standardized, let the power cord not be exposed as much as possible, and the initial development of the entire hot pot

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