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What are the characteristics of the steam hotpot table?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2017-12-18

The steam hot pot table consists of a pottery, a table top and a micro steam main unit link power line, a computer control generator, and then a link between the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe. The steam pot is in the central position of the table. The steam micro-host is placed on the underside of the table. A small hole is opened in the center of the bottom of the steam pot. Then the steam generator is linked, and the steam generator main unit sends out a steady stream of steam to the hot food.

  Press the microcomputer controller during meal to set the appropriate temperature. The steam cooker will automatically generate steam into the pot, boil the soup, and cook. The computer controller function keys are divided into: power: low, medium and high three-position keys and automatic water-adding keys, drain keys, the water will be automatically replenished during use, and the microcomputer controller case operation will be simple and convenient.
The steam hot pot comes from Guangdong, which is safer and more environmentally friendly than electricity and electricity. The steam hot pot has steam and ordinary hot pot respectively. The steam method puts the food above the isolation rack and is completely steamed by the hot high pressure steam below, while the ordinary hot pot method Place the food under the isolation shelf and wait for the food to be cooked through the interface.
Steam hot pot has the following characteristics:
  (1)Safety and environmental protection, novel and fashionable: no gas is at the table, no flame is at the bottom of the pot, no burning, no induction cooker, no smell of oil, good air mobility, no pollution to the environment.
  (2)Safe eating, healthy body-keeping: steam cooking, original taste, fresh and delicious, no loss of nutrition, clean and hygienic.
  (3)New and novel, high-efficiency and energy-saving: steam heating, cooking function, pot soup concentration always remains the same, no paste, no stick, no charred food, do not get 'shanghuo' after eating. Also known as the four-season diet hot pot, change the tradition and protect health.

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