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What is the type of modern trend table?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2017-12-19

  The specifications of the dining table are different var different furniture brand. The price are also different. It depends on whether you are a household or business use. Generally, there are hundreds of pieces, thousands or even tens of thousands of small households. The main hot pot restaurant table is probably classified according to several types.

  (1)Wrought iron small-sized dining table

  This is more than the industrial style, the Nordic style, the retro color, placed at home full of personality!

  (2)Simple rectangular dining table

  The rectangular table is not very private, the support of the table is made of iron, very strong, the table is New Zealand pine, thick plate.

  (3)Small-sized Mediterranean table meal

It is a simple atmosphere, suitable for a Mediterranean-style home, or American-style country style, not occupied and very nice.

  (4)Simple Mediterranean dining table

  Super practical square round dual-use solid wood table, placed on the table to make a long square table, can be a round table, no matter how many people can use.

  (5)Imported solid wood dining table and chairs

  Imported oak raw materials, advocating the concept of environmental protection and natural decoration, the stool cushion is linen, is a gift to nature.

  (6) American country dining table for 4 people

  You think this table is very cute, the rounded design not only improves the safety factor, but also has a very good life.

  (7)Simple small-sized dining table

  This table is simple, suitable for a small population at home, or for afternoon tea on the balcony.

  (8)Mediterranean solid wood meal

  A more quaint table, the color is very good, if you are a person who likes dark furniture, it is very suitable.

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