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Is the solid wood hot pot table easy to break in winter?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2017-12-20
 In the cold winter, the indoor temperature rises, but it also makes the room dryer. In this case, have you ever thought that your solid wood hotpot table will be easily damaged or directly destroyed in such a dry environment? If the table is all solid wood, you should pay more attention to it. While fully enjoying the weather environment, how can we properly maintain the solid wood hot pot table?

Method one, keep the restaurant temperature and humidity

The solid wood hot pot dining table is affected by the environmental humidity, which is prone to the effects of dry shrinkage and swell. The dry air in winter is greatly reduced. In addition, the baking of the winter warming equipment makes the hot pot table easy to crack or fade, so the heat preservation is The key to maintenance.。

Method 2, stay away from heat sources

In the winter hotpot table should pay attention to stay away from the fire source, the general cooker hot pot table, there will be no flame, this situation is no need to worried, but should pay attention to the meal when the meal is too hot, do not put directly on the table, should use wood rack to raised to avoid discoloring the tabletop by baking the hot tabletop.

Method three, reduce the time for the window opening.

Winter should come in to reduce the number of window openings. The real reason for the bursting of solid wood hot pot tables is that humidity is not temperature. Opening windows in winter will cause cold air outside to form hot water vapor. The higher the indoor temperature, the more saturated the air, the more water, but the interior of the table wood is dry, and the humidity difference will cause a burst.

Method four, avoid direct sunlight

Although the winter sun is mild, long-term sun exposure can make the wood too dry, causing cracks and partial fading.。

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