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The benefits and disadvantages when having hot pot in winter season

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2017-12-26
In recent years, hot pot restaurants have been very popular, people are more and more enjoying hot pot. In the cold of winter, many people are beginning to feel uncomfortable, but everyone is sitting together and enjoying hot pots. Not only can it fight with the cold of the climate, but also give each other the power of unity, and add friendship to everyone In front of the table. Everyone knows that food will be lost nutrition after cooking, and the nutrient loss of eating hot pot is less. Nutrients can be eaten almost completely.

  But many people mistakenly believe that hot pot is a winter food, and has nothing to do with summer. I don’t know if it’s a great thing to have a hot pot in the air conditioner, and there are many benefits to eating hot pot in summer!

 Long-term sitting in the office to blow air conditioning, eat cold drinks can make the spleen and stomach cold, diarrhea, abdominal pain, but now the hot heat of hot pot material can drive cold and improve abdominal pain and abdominal pain caused by abdominal pain.

  In the air-conditioned room, staying for a long time, people sweating less, dry skin, easy to get cold? By eating hot pot can promote sweating, sebum secretion and cold, improve skin dryness and body cold.

 In summer, edema is caused by heavy moisture, and stools are not formed. The materials used in different hot pots are different. In Chinese medicine, ginger, pepper, pepper, red dates, etc. have the effect of dampness and dampness.

When eating hot pot, there will be a lot of green vegetables, tofu, eggs, lean meat, fish, chicken, duck, liver, eggplant, cucumber, bitter gourd, melon, bamboo shoots, dandelion... these dishes can stimulate appetite, appetite, spleen and stomach Help digestion. Moreover, it also provides the human body with rich amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, alkaloids, acarids and bitter taste, which can refresh the body and eliminate fatigue.

However, the hot pot contains too much oil and heat, and the soup contains bismuth (an organic compound that can cause gout). The raw meat is eaten with lettuce and is likely to cause food safety problems. Eating hot pot for too long will cause gastric juice, bile, pancreatic juice and other digestive juices to be secreted, and the glands will not get normal rest, resulting in gastrointestinal dysfunction and abdominal pain, diarrhea, and severe chronic gastroenteritis. , pancreatitis and so on. Moreover, you must pay attention to eating habits when eating hot pot, otherwise it is easy to eat out. Such as: oral disease. Gastroenterology. Gout.

Hazard 1: Uncontrolled, enjoy hot pot, easy to get sick.

Hazard 2: often eat spicy hot pot carefully hair loss.

Hazard 3: eating hot pot is easy to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

Some people with weak constitution, people with chronic gas disease and history of digestive ulcers should pay more attention to eating methods when eating hot pot. Because the hot pot is a hot food, or it is hot, more numb, and has a heavier taste. When the mouth and digestive tract are subjected to these strong stimuli, it will burn the oral mucosa or digestive tract. The clinical manifestations are sore throat, mouth ulcer or bleeding. , herpes labialis, and even cause gastrointestinal bleeding. Some people eat only the food they eat when they eat hot pot. They often eat it after the food is cooked. This increases the pressure on the digestive tract in disguise, making the digestive tract too heavy and causing indigestion.。


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