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How to choose dining chiar fo the hotpot table?

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2017-12-27
  Nowadays, if people go to the hot pot restaurant for consumption, they generally choose to decorate in different styles. The general decoration style can be divided into: Chinese restaurant design style, Western restaurant design style, and rural restaurant design style. If the restaurant design style is different, they will face different consumer groups. The hot pot dining table and chair used in the decoration are also different.

 The Chinese restaurant is a restaurant with a Chinese Oriental culture aesthetic as its main style. This restaurant preserves the culture of the ancient civilizations for thousands of years and the catering culture is perfectly matched. comparing with Chinese restaurant and Western restaurants . Chinese style conservative and restrained more traditional cultural elements, this restaurant mainly reflects the atmosphere of a cultural element, more is reflected by the color and natural materials, generally based on solid wood, so the general Chinese style hot pot restaurant with solid wood hot pot The table which is thick and heavy, and the dining table and dining chair are also suitable. The dining table and dining chair are with antique dining element and cultural furniture. The tableware should be made of ceramics. The whole color of the Chinese restaurant is based on the red and purple. The experience is The hospitality and traditional etiquette of Chinese culture.

  Western-style restaurant design style is very popular in recent years. The hot pot restaurant decoration style is the collective name for the regional foods outside the country of China and Eastern culture. The Western-style hot pot restaurant is more concise and simpler than the Chinese style, and the style is more fashionable. The hot pot dining table and dining chair are made of materials. The metal material is generally used. The decoration style of the whole shop is mainly golden yellow, which is luxurious and generous. The hot pot table is generally matched with marble surface and metal table legs. The dining chair is generally made of hardware and stainless steel as material and cloth. The decoration greatly reflects the romantic and romantic characteristics of the Westerners.

The design style of the pastoral restaurant is too much pressure for people's lives, and people are increasingly easing their desire to return to nature to relieve and release their stress. The idyllic theme restaurant allows you to feel the breadth and intimacy of nature without leaving the province, which will make Tao Yuanming's leisure and fun more real. This style is generally decorated with plants and flowers, small bridges and flowing water, and then crop products and farming tools for indoor display, giving people the feeling of returning to nature and entering the field.

  Generally, such catering should be customized according to the non-standard personalized furniture. Wanyene furniture can design different styles of restaurant furniture, hot pot tables, dining chairs and other custom stylized furniture according to the feeling you need.

  The design style of the restaurant is different. The items used in the decoration are also different. The hot pot table selected in the restaurant style mentioned above is matched, I hope to help you.

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