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A hot pot restaurant with a history of more than 130 years has become hot recently!

Foshan Wanyene Furniture | Wanyene Hotpot News | 2017-12-28
  If you don't eat hot pot in the cold winter, is this still could called winter? We know that Sichuanese like to eat spicy food. They just like the degree of spicy and late sweating. This kind of spicy energy is the hottest taste they are seeking. But compared with the southerners, there are very few people who can eat spicy food. Cantonese people are not afraid of spicy and not eat them, but Cantonese people are easy to get “Shanghuo” and are afraid of getting it. Eating hot pot will make them get "Shanghuo". The mantra that is often talked about in the mouth, it is deeply felt that the southerners are respectful to the spicy, but some people are not afraid of being spicy, and they are not afraid to live, but they are not easy to get "Shanghuo".

  There is a place in Manchu Town, Wula Street, Jilin Province. There is a hot pot restaurant opened by Manchu people. It is said that this restaurant has been opened for more than 130 years, and it is a hot pot used by the emperors of the Qing Dynasty. This is enough to attract a large number of tourists and diners to try. Therefore, this hot pot is called "Ula Manchu Hot Pot" and originated from Wula Town, Jilin City.

  The hotpot dining table used has a special taste. Under the beautiful hot pot table and dining chair, it seems that the store is more brilliant. The Ula Manchu hotpot is no longer the hotpot that the emperor can eat, and ordinary people can also taste it. What was the taste of the hot pot that the emperor loved to eat.

  The hot pot table is a custom product. At that time, a hotpot table was made of pure artificial. Every pattern, every decoration, every finished product is the brainchild of the craftsmen. It can be seen that now we eat the Ulan Manchu The hot pot was also the delicacies enjoyed in the Qing emperors that time, so this ancient and mysterious hot pot restaurant attracts a large number of tourists and diners every day, including more than 30 countries, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan tourists to visit and taste even Canadian reporters. I came here to interview.

  Therefore, we are more looking forward to this hot pot not only to eat Ulan Manchu hot pot, not to have a high-end hot pot dining chair, but also to think that eating the same food as the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, it is too exciting!

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